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Submit a PR (Outgoing Webhooks)
outgoing webhooks
Points to be earned
As you know, Outgoing Webhooks allow you to send information from Squadcast to any third-party tool to create tickets, take actions, send messages, or automate incident handling.

Squadcast allows you to customize the payload in a way that matches the format expected by your tool.

For some tools in the market, we have created a set of payload templates by our team and by fellow members like you.

Make a new template and submit a GitHub PR for the most commonly used tool (https://github.com/SquadcastHub/squadcast-webhook-templates). You'll be rewarded.

For each PR that gets approved by our team. You'll get additional points.

Why are you waiting⏱️? Let's get this goingπŸš€

By the time you have finished your PR, you can post about it in the community. Community members might find this helpful.

Need help writing? We'll guide you! Please refer to the example template belowπŸ˜‰

Hello Squadcast Community!
I am excited to let you know that I've created a new outgoing webhook template for <name_the_tool_for_which_you_have_created_the_template>
Check this out: <attach_the_github_link>
A few templates have already been created for some tools https://github.com/SquadcastHub/squadcast-webhook-templates.
Create one for your tools as well. Cheers πŸ™Œ