When should I listen to the radioonlineluisteren.nl? This is a question that I hear asked time again from a wide range of people. The simple answer to this question is "whenever you feel like it." But, as you probably know from past research, the frequency of your radio listening may vary from day to day, week to week, and even from month to month. However, when asking yourself "Should I listen to the radio?" here are some good answers:

Should I listen to the radio? According to several survey participants, most people answered yes, they preferred to listen to music streaming rather than conventional radio. Yet, participants were split as to whether they liked talkback radio programming (e.g., can't stand to listen to the guy talking on the radio), versus in-your-face talk radio (Male, 65%, women, 50%), and very few participants said they listened to the radio only for sports. In looking at these responses, it appears that radio is preferred by most people when it is relevant to their interests.

Should I listen to the radio? Based on the information from the survey participants, most listeners said they like to listen to their favorite stations either weekly or daily. Most respondents said they streamed their favorite radio shows either weekly or daily as long as they could still find time for commercials. Most of the podcasts included in our list had been downloaded daily from iTunes, which indicates many listeners enjoy receiving these types of streaming podcasts.

Should I listen to the radio? Based on our research, there appears to be a general preference among listeners for live and non-stop programming. Almost three-quarters of our survey participants indicated that they would prefer to hear the radio over podcasts. Podcasts may not provide the same variety or quantity of programming as live shows, but people do seem to enjoy them more. Even so, there are still several podcasts available on-demand where a listener can request a specific topic and the DJ will seek out the chosen podcast for the listener's interest and listen accordingly. A third of our participants indicated they use both live and podcast radio in certain situations where one is not available and may need to rely on another form of entertainment to keep going.

Should I listen to the radio? Based on the information from our survey participants, most people indicated that they listen to the radio occasionally, rather than regularly. Of those responding to this question, most indicated they listen weekly or monthly through an online or mobile podcast app, streaming their favorite channels through the Internet. Among those who listen weekly, nearly half (47%) indicated that they do so through an app while another quarter indicated that they simply tune in through their web browser every morning.

Should I listen to the radio? Based on the data from our survey participants, most consumers indicated they would prefer to listen weekly through an on-demand service like Sonos, rather than through podcasts. Similarly, almost nine out of ten (87%) indicated that they prefer to listen to their favorite stations through their mobile devices, rather than through an app. However, once they do use an app to stream music, the majority indicated they would choose to listen to their favorite channels through the traditional method through their home stereo system rather than through the newest technology offered by digital radio.