Ever since I started working on the Rock Content Quality team, write my paper I have noticed that many of our writers have a common difficulty. The writer can do everything right, create flawless content, without a single spelling mistake; but when it comes to adapting the text to the language required in the pitch, it has many problems.

Writing a text informal language is much easier for copywriters. The reason is not a mystery: in general, most of the articles we write at work use formal and professional language; we are used to it.

After reading several texts that were much more formal than they should be and having to adapt them without rewriting them, I ended up discovering some techniques and characteristics of informal language for Internet content that go unnoticed. Here I share with you I found it!

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Don't use fancy words

Avoid those words that are not widely used in people's daily lives - the famous difficult words. For example: instead of using "surreptitiously", you can use "discreetly", right? If, when rereading the text, you find far-fetched terms, try to change them for something simpler.

Be careful with the verb forms

At the time of writing, so that something inside our head makes us forget the easier verb forms such as "have", "do" and "use". When we write, we want to sound smart and professional so we turn those simple words into more โ€œcomplexโ€ ones like โ€œpossessโ€, โ€œperformโ€ and โ€œuseโ€, for example. Those terms are not wrong, but when it comes to informal language, the simpler the text, the more fluent the reading will be.

Use interaction expressions

Interacting with the reader is always a good way to bring a closer tone to the speech. Therefore, when the language of the text is informal, it is worth saying hello at the beginning or goodbye at the end, give practical examples and ask rhetorical questions throughout the text. Experiment and you will see a big difference!

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Take a more personal tone

Another way to approach the reader and tone more relaxed is to use tactics to make the text more personal. You can do that by speaking in the 1st person plural (or singular, when the pitch requires it) and also referring directly to the person who is reading the text.

Joke a little

The funniest part of writing a text in informal language is that you have the freedom to use words in creative and funny ways. Hints of humor are usually welcome in this type of text, as are popular expressions - those that "everyone" identifies.

But be careful with jokes: do not forget that the text intends to convey content. The best advice here would be: use humor with a good dose of common sense.

Play with the subtitles

Another way to make the text a little more information is to play with the subtitles. Runaway from the obvious and try to wear something more striking and different. The other day, while editing a text on cryotherapy (a technique for high-level athletes that involves staying in a bathtub filled with gel for a long time to avoid injury), I saw one of the captions read, "'Getting cold!". Quite a creative choice, don't you think?

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Find out what you can't do

Writing in informal language does not mean that you are going to throw the saint out of the window! Adopting that language is different from writing as if you were talking to a friend on the street and the traditional rules of spelling and grammar still have to be respected.

Be careful with idioms and regionalisms: if your text is going to be on the Internet , it must be understood by readers from all over the world.

Did you see how writing a text in informal language can be easier than you imagined? My biggest recommendation if you are having difficulties is: write all the text and, when editing it, review all the points and make modifications.

Did the article help you? paper writer Tell us in the comments what are your biggest difficulties with informal language!