Castle Wars New Era Controls: Β 

Player 1: WAD = move / jump, E = attack. Β 

Player 2: Arrows = move / jump, Space = attack

"Castle Wars New Era" is a fascinating platform action online game for just a new couple of participants with cote images, to savor some exciting problems or guard your overall fort.

Inside of this type of cool online game by having an old-style look, you usually are a courageous little main personality who else has a person goal in lifestyle, which might be protecting his / her castle by just about all implies necessary.

Bones archers, dragons, the living dead, as well as a lot relating to guns. Β Acquire ready for a massacre and try to make it through providing possible eradicating all the assailants before you lose your lives. Try out there to establish the most successful report possible or perhaps obstacle a good friend to begin researching about accurately typically the same keypad established.

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