Causes and Symptoms for SBL Calcarea Carbonica 

Disabled sustenance being the feature of its activity, the organs, skin, and bones are the seat of activity for Calcarea Carbonica. 

Calcarea carb 200 is a mineral cure that is a type of Calcium. It is a greater amount of energizer and upgrades crafted by the body capacities whenever taken appropriately in diet. 

Expanded neighborhood and general sweat, growing of organs, skin inflammation in youngsters. 

Calcarea carbonica is utilized in an assortment of illnesses and issues like skin break out , joint inflammation, vaginal releases in ladies, night fear in kids, and ringworm on the scalp. 

Hard and difficult expanding of the organs of the neck. 

Simple re event of infections with moderate recuperation rate shows this medication.

 Patient who is constantly drained and ailing in energy, having cerebral pains is mitigated with Calcarea carbonica.

 Fear, stifled releases, flawed (inappropriate) sustenance, loss of liquids from body, Cold breezes. 

Mind and Head 

Extraordinary shortcoming of memory, glandular expanding and bubbles on the scalp of head. Dread of disappointment, uneasiness and mental anxiety with heart palpitations (heart beat expanded) demonstrates Calcarea Carb. The patient feelings of dread she will lose her explanation, or that individuals will see her psychological disarray. Totality and weight of the head, particularly of the brow, with closing of the eyes, more awful by development and actual effort.