Writing takes time and thought, getting published takes energy - a lot of energy. And to be read translates as a personal achievement. write my essay for me It is in this last stage that the ultimate stake of the writer resides. Because, if the right to publish and the right to be read by all is obvious, it must be admitted that the publishing houses publish only about 60,000 books per year.

However, as with everything, you do not get your hands on a pearl unless it is accessible. In writing, it's the same: you can only be read if you are visible.

How to be read without benefiting from the visibility offered by a publishing house?

With the expansion of the internet and the digital world, new advantages are presented to us. The Internet is a tool that must be learned to use in order to benefit from it.

The profit here: visibility, notoriety and reputation.

To do this, 5 steps to create and maintain your e-reputation as a writer:

Become a digital newspaper contributor, create a website , engage in guest blogging, work on your visibility on networks and use self-publishing platforms.

# 1 Be a digital newspaper contributor

For a while now, the major newspapers have decided to go digital. Their site offers a digital version of the newspaper to which readers can subscribe free of charge - or not - in order to receive it by email. Thanks to this version, readers can interact with the Journal by commenting on articles.

But for some time now, the participation of readers has gone further: they can contribute to the creation of their newspaper. Not all newspapers do this, but some of them like L'Obs or L'Express allow the publication of “contributions” from Internet users.

To put it simply:

the Internet user writes on a chosen subject, he is careful

>> not to use offensive, racist or defamatory remarks,

>> in correct French and sends it to the newspaper of his choice offering a space for them. contributions.

After a certain period established by the newspaper (24 hours in general), its contribution is published on the newspaper's website. As long as she was chosen, of course.

Why become a contributor?

>> By becoming a contributor you expose yourself to your readers. Readers who are not necessarily part of your usual audience. You will therefore have feedback, both on the themes addressed as on your writing and your pen.

>> Because as a contributor, you are not asked to write like a journalist, but to write according to your own style in order to bring a touch of personality, an added value to the content offered by the Journal. 

>> If you are not looking for reviews to improve your writing, know that becoming a contributor also brings you visibility. Your name will appear on the site of a major media outlet. premium essay  what more could you ask for in terms of visibility?

How to become a contributor?

To become a contributor, you must create an account on the newspaper site of your choice. Of course, make sure that this journal gives you the opportunity to contribute to its development. Once you have opened your account, all you have to do is type on your keyboard.

All themes are welcome, as well as genres: articles, parodies, advice, posts, etc.

The only constraints are:

>> The size of the text; it should not be too long.

>> Spelling and syntax; correct French and easily understandable text

>> Personal character; the goal being to bring added value by offering an analysis, an opinion, a testimony or even a personal perspective

# 2 Create a blog or website as a showcase

With the rise of this medium, more and more people are creating a website and / or an internet blog. You do not see the point of creating a site for yourself when you are not a business? However, having a presence on the internet also goes through this. And without a presence on the Web, there's no need to worry about your e-reputation ...

Why create a website or blog for me?

>> To create a site and / or a blog is to create a CV, a showcase, on the internet. This allows you to share your work with others, to share your skills with the world.

>> In addition, a blog, by definition, offers content on a regular basis. You will therefore create an audience to which you will regularly publish your writings and works.

>> Besides, this blog and / or site will be used to represent you on the internet. It is its URL that you will share in order to present your work, on the internet as in the physical world.

How to create it?

To create a blog or a site today, several solutions are available to you.

>> Of course there are CMS such as Wordpress that you have certainly heard of.

>> But there are also “site builders” that offer you a site, blog or portfolio creation tool such as Orson.io. This last solution looks more professional and secure, and offers a follow-up and a complete help service to its users. You choose.

# 3 Get started with guest blogging

>> You can temporarily become a Web Writer and offer your services to blogs and / or websites.

>> This trick to gain visibility works better and better and becomes the star of SEO (visibility and referencing on the net).

While guest blogging can be used to simply show off a person's writing skills, it is mostly used by blogs or websites that want to improve their visibility on the internet by offering their writing services to other e-structures.

>> We recommend that you use it in this way, to make your site more visible, and thus allow your work to be discovered by a greater number of Internet users.

Why do guest blogging?

>> By trying your hand at guest blogging you will share your talents and the URL of your site. Ask your hosts to kindly keep your signature in which you will include a link to your website and / or linkedIn profile, on condition of 'to have… But we will come back to the question of the LinkedIn profile later.

Thus, your name will appear on many websites as a content author.

How to do guest blogging?

>> To do guest blogging you must:

>> compile a list of the sites and blogs to which you wish to offer your services. It is better to choose those whose theme is similar to yours. That is to say the world of literature, philosophy, publishing, etc ...

>> find the e-mail addresses of the owners of these blogs / sites

>> Offer them your writing services, in the aim to improve the visibility of your website and therefore of your work

>> Agree on the subjects of the article to write

Write and send!

Note that some blogs and sites openly offer to host articles.

Warning: before you start, you must at all costs be aware of certain rules for the layout of web content. (Nothing really rocket science, we reassure you.)

# 4 Have a good presence on Social Networks

The presence on the web also goes through social networks.

Many of us make the mistake of dedicating these networks for strictly personal use only. Yet it is an excellent springboard for any professional. From the doctor to the designers, including the writer.

This is why, taking care of your image on the networks is extremely important. After seeing your name on a particular site or blog, someone interested in your work will look for you on Facebook or other social network.

If what he finds there does not inspire him confidence, he will put you in a category. Unfortunately, the Internet user tends to stick labels. If you do not wish to stop personal use of certain networks, make your profile private.

However, there is one network that cannot be ignored: LinkedIn

Why be on LinkedIn?

>> LinkedIn is a 100% professional network. As such, it offers certain benefits and opportunities.

>> It brings together a community that goes there in a purely professional state of mind. This allows you to build a professional network and keeps you up to date with what is happening in your industry. By creating this network for yourself, you will also be able to come into contact with interesting profiles with whom you may be able to collaborate or simply chat.

How to optimize your presence on LinkedIn?

>> To make your presence on LinkedIn useful:

>> Choose the members of your network carefully.

>> Publish content around your industry, here the world of publishing and books.

>> Take care of your profile sheet; Fill in all the requested information, photos and descriptions included.

>> Share your site on LinkedIn

>> Talk about your writings, new publications etc…

>>buy argumentative essay

>> Write about your sources of inspiration

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