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šŸ’” Feature Requests
šŸ’” Feature Requests

Have something that you would like us to build into the product? Add it here.

If someone has already asked for a similar feature, you can add your thoughts to it. This will help us validate what you, our community wants.

Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash.

Show help tips and copy on each screen

As a new user of Squadcast, I cannot always remember what each screen is about. It will be way more helpful if there are small help texts to guide me.

For example, when I am on the "Services" screen, I... (More)

Can we publish postmortems to the status page along with a brief summary?
Postmortems to be stored as a searchable knowledge base
Automated Tags: Tag detail picked up from the 3rd party tool and gets auto added to the incident without us having to configure tagging rules. (Not all 3rd party tools have it today though)